"show errors" For Oracle Scripts

by Brandon 2. June 2011 22:59

Everything seems to be turned of by default in Oracle.  That includes returning the details of an error in a sql script. 

After finishing a piece of code like a stored proc or trigger, most developers immediately run the script to make sure there are no errors.  Unfortunately this is all you'll see with Oracle:

Warning: Trigger created with compilation errors. 

There is, fortunately, a way to show the detail of those errors.  If you add a "/" to terminate the script and then "show errors;" to the end of you script.  You'll see the following instead:

Warning: Trigger created with compilation errors.


-------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
3/5  PL/SQL: SQL Statement ignored
3/12  PL/SQL: ORA-02289: sequence does not exist

Here's an example:

create or replace trigger PROJECT_BIU
before insert
referencing old as old new as new
for each row

    --create the id
    select ProjectNuber_seq.nextval
    into :new.Project_Number
    from dual;
show errors;

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